Who's worth taking from that 6 star crate?

Only toon I don’t have is magna, but curious on people’s opinions.
Obviously none of them are usable on an attack or defense team, but still.

I took Zander as I see him every now and then. He’s a command which your only s class option for is Rick. As far as six stars I sometimes see used for their command he seems a little beefier than dale or slater. But dale has the heal reduction and def down, slater has the revive. Anyways, thats my two cents.

I also have all the others, ao.w in duplicates. Never use them. Have also seen magna used on pretty good teams. Im wave 2 though so idk if any of them have much use in wave one.

I decided to just take Raven again.
Hot goth


Zander is in the free section of the battle pass. I took payback wayland.

I will go for Magna or Raven as I will get another Zander from battle pass and I have multiples of all the others already.

If magna is the only one you don’t already have I do think she’s worth having.

I would go for Raven,a year late for her…but I don’t have her or magna ,magna needs survival store items to lv her up and I’m good I have shield Lee from the store and he still tier 1.

Magna is a surprisingly good onslaught toon, shield turn one with a stun gun then turn 2 fire off her active skill and give everyone attack up - its a good combo, she also use store items to level up - so you can avoid the gear crunch.

Personally I going for Wayland - hes the only one in that set I dont have yet.

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Whoever you don’t have 10 of already I guess


Jiff… if don’t have her very useful on bleed teams still on mine still use her and my bleed team very very effective

Yeah went raven as I didn’t have,

I totally forgot about that! Raven it is then. I need my SR depot points for platinum mods.

Zander and magna I still see on some top defense teams

What box are we talking about? Have I missed something?

For the toons I saw mentioned, I am using Magna in my main defense and offense team. As @Vitalogy mentioned, the T2 active is sweet, synergic with Princess T2 to buff her atk from incoming damage…

I somehow got another 5* some two months ago and have already T4’d her legendary version which I will have kept at lvl1 rush/active to switch out when going for auto play.

Got Payback Wayland from the war wheel, got one extra Zander already (30 BP tokens away from a 2nd useless copy), two extra Jiafengs and though I was happy to have got Raven half a year ago, I haven’t used her a single time yet… If this is all the choice there is, I might go for a dupe Wayland - Payback is great to wipe out the T1 Mercer Aarav rush team defenses, so having two in a line (besides Negan and 6* Shiva) could make it even more explosive :smiley:

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It’s the 6 star crate for completing the hilltop map from the commonwealth event.

Ah, Ok, thanks for the info. I have somehow assumed all 3 maps give out the same rewards, just in different qty. I also got Mia (maxed 6*, T1L1 6* and a maxed 5* for old school arena defense), so no real incentive to get that box, unless I would somehow have enough tickets to complete all 3 maps.

Yeah I’ve got all those 6*s as well so I did it more for the trainers.