Who's this Character?

Hi there,

some may remember the Topic with this name started by Pablo surrounding Ascendance guesses. When time went on though, it kinda got lost and I don’t want revive a +1 Year Old Topic.

I though can’t start the Topic with Ascendance Results, because I’m currently leveling for it only, though let’s get to the hard type immidently.

Who are this 4 persons?

Screenshot_20190905-234717~2 Screenshot_20190905-234343~2 Screenshot_20190905-234140~2 Screenshot_20190905-012742~2


My missing dad…he has been missing for 12 years…Please come back


Donny and that dude with the cream coloured cap

Screenshot_20190905-012742~2 Screenshot_20190905-234140~2

Gerald, Gerald, Gerald and Gerald


No and maybe :sweat_smile:.

Heath :slight_smile:

Yeah though Who?

5* red heath tier 4

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Technically Tier 1, but since he doesn’t change his shoes, I let it count :sweat_smile:

Picture nr 3 is t4 5* antonio?


Yep :wink:(7 Characters)

Top guy is 4* Richard or rocky

Antonio is one of them, dunno about the rest.

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Funny, just pulled him from my prestige tokens today.

I envy you the amount of spare time you have on your hands :wink:

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The last one may be Shiva Force Ezekiel (T2).

None of them Sorry.

No, Sorry

But looks quite similar.

Bryan he he