Who's the best six star gaurdian

just wondering what it is we have gotten a variety of them so far who you favorite and why so u use them

They all have their strengths. I would say holly, though. F2p? Rick.


Holly without a doubt.Elusive to 4 revive healing and Guardian.With a shield she’s pretty epic even in the Alice Meta.


Holly because of her AR, Rick is good also because he’s a Gen 2.

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As the 1st comment says, Holly but for f2p it’s Rick.

Holly is surprisingly super easy to kill. I find her super squishy. I would take Rick over her because I think the revive active skill is amazing. But if holly does get her Rush off she’s a pain.


All guardians are good tbf but my most favorite has to be Hershel been using him for sooo long his rush is very good on attack also he had focus active way before alice came along which comes in handy in certain situations


This. Focus, buff and debuff. Very useful on attack


Zeke has had my back to long for me to not say him… I know he’s not but man what a great first 6 star they came out with


Funny thing is i only recently got my ascendable gaurdian and it not even a f2p one

Holly but i have to say kal is next, i use him on my melee attack team for his taunt as it offers lots of control, with a taunt active as well. He is a staple on my team, i may try rick but the gear and lilths lock has him sitting as a 5* so idk bout him

In terms of utility, Hershel is my go-to. He just has so much on offer: g2, buff, debuff, crit, focus. One of the most useful support toons around imo.

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Holly hands down but f2p is right behind.

Of all the guardians, I use Holly the most. I have Holly in all my 3 tower teams plus my main defense team
But I’m interested in an 8% Rick tho. Haven’t done that yet but will try it one of these days

Well, question is for what purpose ? To attack, I would say kal, hershel and my favourite zeke, which is still in my attack team. To defend, obviously holly for her adre, and rick/doug for the stats and the taunt

I run rick and glen on my def. Revive and heal + guardian… add to that revive toons and got effective time out team

For the ones I have which is all ezikiel and red Hershel my favorite and misted used has to be all I also have him in my defence team and for clearing walkers Hershel as he is ranged and like the rest of my range team can shoot over the barricades

he still holds out today. Not the best rush but it can save you.

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