Who's the best Human Shield?

So people seem to be having fun on the other poll about revive, lets debate shields then. vote and tell us why below.

  • Ajax (Alert/Red)
  • Jesus (Fast/Yellow)
  • Koa (Strong/Green)
  • Magna (Tough/Blue)

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magna and jezus equally i would say. koa is a experiment first shield and ajax is pure trash lol


I support this


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too bad, choose 1, mwahahahah

I’d give Jesus a slight edge over Magna. Mainly cuz there’s a bunch of very hard hitting yellows while greens seem to be behind on that.

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yea but that impair lock keeps them from ARing

i would say from experience with both of them, that magna is slightly better

You wouldn’t have to rely on AR’s when you run Romanov w/ 3k+ attack (not including buff from berserker) or a Wayland on steroids. Besides, you could always put impair resists on them or throw in a disarm (why not, right?).

Jesus’ weaknesses are fewer and harder to exploit than Magna’s.


I like magna overall but there isnt a ad resist, but I find magna more bulky.

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Generally finding Jesus more difficult but I feel this is due to the green toons being a bit underpowered compared to yellow, reds, and blues at the premier level.

I’ve not yet attempted to utilize Ajax. So I’ll wait and play test before I claim xyz about him. Seems primarily offensive focused, but that taunt could be amazing if you can get it rolling.


Konrad still #1 in my heart


Never had a problem with jesus because disarm Bruce and shiva destroy him or stun him as Magna is a different story for my team.

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oh boy did konrad had a good artwork design. every time i saw him in raid i knew i am fkd judging just by his looks.


don’t underestimate this guy with good weapon and lead he can be a real pain in the ass. I’ve defended many teams with him in my set up. He is an excellent stall shield. But you have to know how to use him. To many people have discounted his ability.

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Tsss Konrad. We all know there’s only one answer to this question:

The True Legend herself 3* Katjaa :nerd_face:


Im not voting because the best human shield is 4* Estella in my opinion.

Estelle was a 4* tho

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Katjaa in SR what a B

Oh crap I forgot.

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