Who's That Five Star?


Can you guess who?

Ten 5*'s That Will Be Ascendable Soon Video
This stash = face-palm

Vernon… I can smell the shit he produces and only Vernon has that stupid egghead stilkhette


Hahaha could not have put it better

And correct!

I thought it would be fun to post the silhouettes from Ascendance ala Who’s that Pokemon

Feel free to add your own, folks. It’ll be a bit before my next one


Cool idea I’m out of maxed 4 stars unfortunately so i can’t participate…


He’s one of the best 5*s in the game right now. Wish I had him.


I have 2. You can have the one in the picture.



That is Magna


You guys are too good at this

Anyone else have one?


Hahahahahahahaha lmao



Shoot…I got no clue x/

Green Glenn?


nope, not glenn!


I want to keep guessing, but I also want others to have a chance. I’ll wait a bit before my next shot in the dark

I don’t recognize it at all though. Doh. Watch it be something obvious


Green Lee?


Yes, and I have got him far too often! :stuck_out_tongue:


UUUGGGHHH I have him too!

-25 Rep X/

Good stuff, @ThatGuyMcFly

And nice Marcus Squad there, @Lockdown


Lol, somebody is trying really hard for Lee or Rosa


Six marcuses? My god, they’re taking over…


Im loving these. Keep them coming and you can also do their character cards too with a black silhouette as that may be a bit more of a challenge :slight_smile: