Who's it gonna be?

So the new toons are in the shop who should I get? I’m contemplating between Jiafeng or Abel I only have enough to buy ONE, so who’s it was be?

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What teams do you run?

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I got Jaifeng. Do you have a decap? If not go with Abel. Only you know what you need. Jai feng will suit angel team. Up to you.

Same here I got jaifeng

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She’s a tight toon. I actually can’t believe she’s up. Has to be comp for the other crappy choices. Lol.

Got Jiafeng and Maggie, Abel is meh.

Jia Feng! Hands down, grab her and she will help you. Decap isnt always needed, on 2 of my main attack teams i dont use a decap. Grab Jia Feng and if you can save up then get Able but imho Jia Feng will serve you much better

Abel won’t kill many of any S class toons. Jiafeng is nice but you need to have the right toons around her or she doesn’t do much.

Abel can probably be made to work, but doesn’t seem worth the effort. Jiafeng seems good, I’d get her. Maggie too if you don’t have her, or Nik.

I used jiafeng for a while, shes good if she stays alive. Priya practically one shots her on basic attack. She stacks massive bleed behind raulito s.

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