Whos going to be the limited time offer hero?


Well, if you look at the offers tab right now, you’ll see a $14,99 offer for 2 Liliths and 2 Ulysses and a bunch of trainers and another offer of $7,99 for 1 gold mod box since scraps and other random stuff.

To match this particular offer you’d have to spend $29,98 for 4 Lilliths and Ulysses and another $31,96 for 4 gold mod boxes. In total, you’d have to spend $61,94 to match what this offer offers.

In an overpriced Scopely environment, I believe this offer is a pretty reasonable one. The bonus side is that you can buy it using coins you can farm from different areas of the game, no credit card or gift card needed.


Okay, if you compare a small pile of crap with a larger pile of crap, the smaller pile may take the win. But it’s still a pile of crap. Sorry for the harsh comparison but I couldn’t find a more suitable comparison right now. :joy:

What I want to say: This offer is highly overpriced still. People buying these offers give Scopely an indication that these moon prices are justified. So I personally cannot encourage people to buy these things at that price tag.


125.000 scraps


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