Whos going to be the limited time offer hero?

Please and thank you :slight_smile:

sorry what !!!

usually someone has done all the offers and knows what each offer in the chain gets you

Prob a burt with nade


A faction mate did that once, I believe it’s 500, 1400, 2100 and the final offer is $14.99. I think that’s the norm with that kind of offer. I know for use that the mods quantity gets bumped up, I’m not sure about the Lilliths.

Did he screenshot them?

No characters?

Give me a moment

Nope (7 chars).

None that I’m aware of.

Basically, it’s 3550 counts for 7 Lilliths, 4 Ulysses, 7 gold mod boxes, 7 silver mod boxes and 150k of scraps and some random stuff. Don’t know about the paid part of the offer, though.

Now you have all the info to do your maths to see if it’s worth it or not.

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What a poop offer tbh

Last one that im not buying.

Well, i could’ve spared my coins then.

Nothing good in the yellow bags?

Usually they’re bags of food.

If I had the coins I’d go for it. I believe it’s a good deal, taking into account the other trainers/mods offers.
Very valuable endgame resources.

Did you forget to add sarcasm tags or something? 30 bucks for 4 Lilith and some rng mod boxes is miles away from what I’d call a good deal.