Who's first on the leaderboard


Wondering if it the same for everyone


I am, and it shows a bunch of people from different Regions. Dunno how this works, if it’s the same for everyone or not.


Pretty sure it’s a different leaderboard for everyone. I’m 5th place when I wouldn’t be anywhere close to that if more people were there


Mine shows myself as first


I’m first too! This might be a colossal bug though. I’m never first in anything.


yeah i see different leaderboards on different accounts, this is the “seeding” round so it’s possible everyone was divided into a huge number of different groups.


Nobody from my faction is in my solo league. It’s knteresting.


And what happen to our faction leaderboard if we leave to craft to our region crafter faction? Faction lose my points?


I’m first :trophy::trophy::trophy:



And I’m still first on my leaderboard :slight_smile:
Where y’all at?


Yup not doing too bad here

Old ss and I hit 100k n got bored of war lol


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