Who's BRIGHT idea was it to move xp map to war weekend saturday afternoons?

Honestly… this is just another one that I file under ‘intentionally trolling’ rather than just the usual plain stupidity we’ve come to expect from you guys.

I get you wanted to break up super Thursday (though you kinda just moved it in the end) but still this is stupid.

Hey we got that wood map on its own you can really grind… but one of the really useful maps (esp since they just bumped cap) they plop down right in the middle of their main event on the weekends.

Well done… you’re a legend $copley… never change.

Lots of people are at such a high level the maps don’t make any difference. Or they are in new factions so they spend ages waiting for war to fill.

It’s not that bad really.

What would make a lot more sense would be to just run every single roadmap on Sunday and have them go for the entire week before resetting the following Sunday. This way people can run the ones they want when they feel like it. At the end of the day, people will either use cans or they won’t use cans so I don’t see how having them run on specific days even matters.

Of course, they will never do this because it makes the most sense and would also be the most convenient thing for everyone and the one thing I am certain of is they certainly don’t want that.

I mean they did upgrade the roadmap system right? I think it was like 7-9 max before and isnt it now like 25? Put that upgrade to use.


Makes us waste more energy cans… more $$ for Scopely.

well no ones warring anyways race yall to 150 go go go

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