Who's better as human shield?



Hey guys, I got as human shield fast Michonne and I pulled red Konrad 5* both of them,I wonder if Konrad is better? He got on his weapon a chance to reduce damage to 0
What you think should I stay with Miconne or to change to Konrad


Do you have an absolute defense weapon for michonne?


She got 30% def on her weapon , her defense is 1461 with mods


Konrad if the lead supports it.


Javier is my lead for now


100% Konrad


michonne (but only with abs def) - you should focus on that.
konrad comes with abs def, but a 6* tyreese can definitely one shot him if the abs def doesn’t proc.


Okay ty, what lvl armor I need to get the highest absolute defense?


red human shield legendary will be the best human shield


I don’t see that happening soon for me


lvl 17, defender 3 for fast for absolute defense


if you want to upgrade your armory faster, convert it into a house cuz it takes way less time and when its at the lvl you want convert the house into an armory again


Cool thank you for that advice


Neither is good there both 5* unless your in a new region there kind of worthless


Konrad. Against a red lead team not everyone takes green chars. Green chars all have stun weapons now, so michonne is weak against them and at the same time vulnerable to be stunned.


I guess my main region I have like 6-8 type of teams set up already


Odds are what ever 1 your uses has that type of leader so not that hard



For most 6stara Konrad soft as tofu



Better for me to stay with her then waste of food for Konrad , thanks for you thoughts guys


Ive had shield mich, she maxed with an abs d weapons. Recently i pulled konrad… I almost have him maxed because i want to play around with builds lol