Whom to Ascend?


I have a 6* mirabelle that I use as my lead. I can finally Ascend another toon but I’m not sure who.

I’ll be using 6 5* trainers. a 5* Cooper, and 5* “A larger World” Timothy. (unless for some reason either of those are good?)

I have Ezekiel, Abraham, Yumiko and Dwight that I can pick. Any of these a clear standout? I was leaning toward Yumiko.

Thanks for suggestions.


I’d go dewhite especially if u have the double attack weapon from event


Either Yumiko or Zeke


Dwight, and craft him an Impair when attacking, and if he kills with his AR(1st attack), it jumps to an adjacent opponent. or Zeke and craft AD on a Kurki. Imo a toss up between those two. Zeke has been very useful for me with his guardian.


Zeke is by far the most annoying on defense.


I’d go with dwight


Maybe keep timothy if you don’t have another ranged command though


Ascend Zeke Guardian. He’s a pain in the ass, but will help your team out drastically.


Abraham can be useful with indomitable and 100% defense for, well, defense.


If you like to raid the Yumiko or Dwight


I believe Tim is on the future ascendence list, might want to hold on to him, unl we he is a duplicate. Don’t ascend yumiko, because she has a bound weapon. Dwight is a better choice for a growing player.