Who would you guys T4


I’m driving myself nuts trying to decide who would be the most versatile to take to T4


I would do Zeke if it was me


Rick or Connor for me. Save the gps and canteen for one of them. The other 3 aren’t as versatile.


Imho none of those…


Which of them is in your raid/ def team? I would go with him/ her.

Or you can try ascending rick and connor first and checking out how they do in raids/ defense. That might make the decision clearer to you.


connor is in essence victor v2. if you had the right setup it was good fight good night…quickly. no matter the setup. on the flipside i dont think its essential to t4 anyone quite right now. i still aint running any t4s and not running into powergap issues yet.


Rick or Connor


For me Rick or Vincent, Rick works for ATK and only yellows, Vincent works on DEF and all melee


w8 for someone better


I’d say Rick, his defense is still shabby around tier 3.


I’d do Ezekiel, Connor, or Rick tbh.


Has to decide yourself
Don’t follow and that’s fun
Yet in your case
I will say Vincent


I vote wait - T4 adds 5-6% to the stats so you will want to use this wisely. If you get in the position where you can level 4-5 toons then take a chance.


There is not a single one of those toons that is going to more justice at teir 4. None of them equals more(really none) frustration on defense even in the absolute best scenario.on attack they don’t need it they hit hard enough that u can still get away with it even thou if u r going to teir 4 Any one it should be your best attack team. All and all I personally would not teir 4 none of those yellows.