Who will be the next garbage toon for lvl up

Green Negan or …

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It’s winter Jesus again tomorrow, after that probably Harlan just to kickoff 2019 in style.


Just to kick of in style ,Lmao

Not sure where I saw it, but I think after winter Jesus it may be winter Michonne. Can’t be 100% sure though.

Green Negan would be good. I need more main characters.

“may” I didn’t see a “fact”


Again shane lmao

Yes (7 characters)

It’s a guess, people do it all the time. It’s fine to guess. It’s not like it’s a big deal if you’re wrong. She is a trash character so it would make sense that she would be one of the next ones.

I am 110% sure it’s not going to be another yellow , cause they give one trait each week , I think the next one is Strong.

Well if it’s green, I wouldn’t be surprised with negan. But… If I were scopely, I would put disarm Bruce in there and watch those scores topple 20 mil

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there running out of bad greens throw in there, we recently had the cat musuems. my guess would be negan, viktor , or wyatt if they go green. if its red i bet it will be winter richard cause only toon im allowed to ever pull (richard 5star wheel, richard from 3yr tokens, richard from winter tokens, stop giving me richards!)

What makes y’all think it won’t be a dupe from a previous week

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I’m gonna guess Wyatt , outdated and not that great . Seems to fit the lvl up toon criteria

Barker or Gator.

gator, since we all got s free one, so have another

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I don’t think they will give Wyatt cause he was a collection reward once.

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