Who will be the next ascendable?



Does anyone read the tarot cards? coffee stains? or any of those witchcraft? or simply have Russian nationality to tell us who will be next !!! @kalishane

Aaron "March To War"
Connor "Something To Fear"
Lori "Days Gone By"
Siddiq "Call To Arms"
The Governor "The Calm Before"
Glenn "A Larger World"
Rick “Road to Survival” #2
Eugene "No Turning Back"
Joshua “Hardened Survivor”

anyway write your preference just one, and let’s see your luck!


Please be Glenn please be Glenn please be Glenn…


Glenn would be nice :sunglasses:


I saw on another post that it’s supposed to be Gator. Also FYI, the Dwight on the list has not been made ascendable yet.


Uncross dwight. That one’s supposed to be OG dwight. Otherwise I want Kal or lori. Would love to see how they’ll change them up aesthetically and gameplay-wise.


I’d prefer gov or Eugene next…hopelly they tackle the rest of this list soon and publish a new one asap


Enough Alert toons!


Glenn :pray:


I want blue Andrea with AR 1600% damage please please


Yes yes yes…but more like shiva with less damage but an added component like confuse


I could really make use of a ranged healer and/or neutralizer. I am curious to see Gator. I am considering grabbing Wyatt in anticipation of Glenn being released. I think we can all agree that Scopely should be making this a priority.


No there’s not enough. F2p only have Mira and Rick. We need more f2p reds


I’d really like to see Lori be the next one, I’ve had her for over a year, maxed she was useful for a few months, after that she wasn’t anything special.


Glenn all the way


Yeah, curious to find out what sort of legend a generalist will make. What the hell is a generalist?


Fair point. But still way to many alert toons. But F2P strong toons? Until Wyatt we only had carl and Shiva.


6* Dale!


If you look at it that way, then you could say that about any trait. F2p doesn’t have enough choices IN GENERAL. I said this in another thread; we only have 15 choices currently. Red: Rick and Mira (Tara Kinda) Yellow:Barker, Negan, Josh, Zeke Green: Wyatt, Shiva, Carl Blue: Shane, Yumiko, Dwight, Ty, Siddiq, Abe


Not really Plenty of blues and yellows f2p. Basically next one has to be green or red.


Glenn, Eugene or Gator since I already got them. Still waiting for the Gov to show up in my depot but I definitely want him too.