Who will be the March daily login toon?

Assuming they do the same thing as this month, my money is on Morgan, Jessie, or green maim damage Negan.



Maybe. Personally I hope not as I pulled her during the 4* only event, but she is old enough and still useful enough

Free SR 5*. I’m down lol

Caaaaarl. I’d love a carl for the towers

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I wish lol

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Would be a kick in the balls for many.

Honestly I doubt we get another since Rick is likely considered the March offering.


Assuming there are 5 roadmaps and 5 weeks of rise to power, if you do the bare minimum you’ll get 2,500 and you will still need 700 for Rick so hopefully there is one for March so I can’t miss out on a free toon

I concur. They aren’t that generous to give away more than one toon at a time. I also concur that the next one they do give away would most likely be Rosita. No one is gonna spend for her. She wouldn’t be so bad either if she didn’t have a bound weapon.

Lol. Have you faced double carl teams? Its not hard but shiizzzz they heal so much that fight can take awhile


I’m mainly melee if I’m honest so I don’t go up against very many Carl teams as like you said it takes forever and I don’t have that kind of time lol

I’d go with Alpha as my personal choice. Of course, that’ll get up some people’s bums so Tyrese as a second option for straightforward killing plus Decapitate to limit the revivers capabilities. Abe for third to keep pressure off Mirabiker as many of my opponents are mainly ranged. Carl as forth so I can build a better melee team instead of Vincent (def AP bonus not being what I was expecting). But if were going with Scopely thinking “let’s give them a free ascendable epic but not the great or better ones. Let’s give them someone who they keep saying is the worst legendary ever conceived in the history of this game”, then it would either be Fast Negan or Eugene. Either one or Alpha, I wouldn’t care less. I seen how annoying Evasion is. And personally speaking, I find Eugene and Alpha’s high attack stats and AOE attack capabilities to be very interesting.

Even if there was no Rick as a prize coming up, I don’t see another toon coming as a log-in reward. I think there will be something. Maybe medals, tokens, a weapon or gear rng crate. While monthly log-in prizes may be here to stay, I just can’t see Scopely giving away 12 toons a year plus the ones like the events they’ve had. My guess is we may see a few more, just not monthly.

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Y’all need to dream bigger. Maggie is pretty good, so I honestly have no clue who’s next. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Why are people assuming they’re getting another one lol?


Because we’ve gotten 2 for the past 2 months

What was January’s daily login?

There should be another annoying nugget event maybe. With a red toon as the reward. So far they have offered up yellow blue and green as freebies but no red

January was nugget event Wyatt I believe. Not a daily login like Maggie.