Who was the last GOOD attacking legacy?

Seems like been a while since a good offensive legacy toon was released considering Sawyer, Jackson and Romanov have been meh. This year all good legacies been Defensive.

Donny. He has a defensive lead but is a decent damage dealer.


Green Shiva :tiger:


Yup he’s useful on both offense and defense. I mainly seen him on Defense teams. As a support attack toon in an offense team he is useful.


That seems a long time ago :laughing: must been over a year i guess

Yes, that’s kinda obvious as we can’t get to see him on offense lol (other than the friendly duels). But even in the defense team he deals good amount of damage.

Donny is decent for attacking but guardian rick was the best legacy released because of all he can do for you on offense and in this meta.

Well we can see other attack teams of raiders in the raid logs lol. But i like i said dont see much of him these days.

Definitely Tough Andrea. Her lead skill changed the game for me offensively.


Agreed it was Andrea. Before her it was wanderer pre-nerf

I need an attacking lead so bad. I’m running madison for one team andrea the other. Andreas just so limited and outdated, lead skills perfect, active and rush is meh

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