Who Was The Best Decapitate

No alpha?

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Shit,I’ll go back and fix it

Lol, anyways i dont have wayland or chris. Sandy i will have soon. So can only speak between ty and alpha. Both very circumstantial to your team comp. If i had to choose no id say alpha as i use her more than ty atm.

It broke the poll

Delete and reupload :man_shrugging:

Alpha since I have access to only her and ty

4* Valerie


Good choice

used wyaland and he is so good and love using him on FA

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Who was? Are they going to disappear? :persevere:

since the second genration of 6* yeah they might be forgoten xD


This poll fucked up,I’m gonna have to redirect you to my new poll on human shields

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If we’re talking ‘was’, where’s the love for Yellow Sawyer with the stun weapon?


You messed that one up too :joy::joy:


It happens

Alpha for life, that aoe is priceless for a decap.

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