Who wants to war anyway?

I finally took a video of the glitch I’m experiencing. I have been trying to get help from support since the end of the solo SR on 08/01/2019 when it started. I’ve asked JB , GR, and Taytron all for help in addition to support. I’ll be able to play awhile, but never receive my milestone or placement rewards since 08/01/2019. At the end of the video, you can see an old league leaderboard pop up and the restart triggers. Why will no one help me with a fix? side note to not recieving any inbox rewards, I also have not had a single offer appear in the past 2 weeks either. You’d think they’d at least be concerned that I can’t buy anything regardless if I get rewards or not


I had old war scoreboards pop up for me last week. I deleted the app and te-downloaded it and it went away.

It’s just war. He isn’t missing anything anyway

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I’ve done that twice and left beta.

“She” is missing 2 weeks worth of milestones and rewards, dropping in leagues (so missing coins), and pretty much everything game related.

Beta is just the worst.

I certainly don’t want to War and won’t be. I mean it’s not like I’m missing anything :man_shrugging:

It’ll be the same crap like always with these 16 region garbage,
Horrendous Matchmaking, that pairs us with ONLY the Top 10 factions never below or just above, while we’re 80th to 100th.

Disgustingly OP Paid Teams, filled with Shields, Revives, Paybacks & Bide toons that wipe me out in 1min._

The Inability to Clear Milestones, I haven’t been able to clear the first Milestone in months let alone all of them.

The Game Crashing & Restarting, _ bc for some odd reason when I try to take towers the game will freeze & crash, it also does this several times mid fight like Territories._

Oh and I can’t forget,
The Ever Present Feeling of Disappointment that I can’t even remotely help my faction, I’m more of a hindrance at this point bc I can’t put up points. The only thing that I’m slightly helpful with is that I have a half way decent defense, bc my roster is made up entirely of Defense toons, bc that’s all we really get for legacy toons.

But hey maybe in a year when I finally get One $-Class toon I might be able to help. But probably not bc it’ll be obsolete by the time they trickle down to us.

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