Who wants to play a game called Wild Speculation?

How will Scopely respond to SkullGate…Go

Brush it under the carpet :eyes:

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If it were only a couple hundred coins per account they would probably let it slide but some people made like 20k or more in coins. No way will they let people keep that amount. I mean they took the 600 crappy coins away from all leagues except for diamond. That’s how cheap they are.


There goes my Mercer :roll_eyes: lol

The clock is ticking…

Roll it back it’s not fair for some to get 50k and some to get 0

People need to stop thinking only of themselves.

I missed out and got squat while a couple of my faction mates got over 20k each and pulled half a dozen 6-stars between them. I’m happy for them not jealous.

If scipley can’t take the time to program things right then they should have to live with their mistakes. They won’t but they should.


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