Who wants a ZOMBIE on their team....?


Walkers on a team would be unpredictable.

Firstly they would more than likely turn on you.

Secondly, they follow the hoard, so would more thank likely turn on you.

And Infected specialist skill? It sorta defeats the whole point of The Walking Dead. You die, you turn. We are all infected remember. So having a specialist skill would be the same as killing someone, or being bitten by a walker. You might as well call it bleed or burn.

Having said that, turning an opposing team member against their own team via an infection, that wouldn’t be too bad, same as confuse but always the nearest person, and couldn’t be countered…


Maybe a Whisperer with Infect ability. In 5 turns the character Will become a zombie and attack their team mates and Infect them.

Would be cool If along this 5 turns the character Get - attack and went weaker until he becames a Walker and start again :smiley:

I said 5 turns because it’s a kill and is 100% to Infect xD. So tank It up and Infect ALL of them :stuck_out_tongue:


A zombie Shiva :heart_eyes:


Contaminated Lucille, FTW

Also, so glad I have more likes!


Just like users told me on the old forum when I made the same thread, they wouldn’t want a zombie on their team unless it’s a zombie version of Rick or any of the survivors. Zombies are slow, and it’ll be unrealistic too, so yeah, only if it was a zombiefied version of any survivor.


Nope, Not in a Team. But why not a full Zombieteam, instead of 5 chars. To use it everywhere you Like against PvP or PVE not against other Zombies, that’s cruel.
The system will be: you have the enemy Team in the middle an throw Zombies around them, you decide how many and which type and where they spawn. It would be a reverse tower-defense game. The amount of spawning Zombies equals to your zombieteam-lvl.

And a Zombie Team can be build in a place like the Cage from the saviors HQ. First time ever it sounds right, training something/someone with survivors. Muhahaha.

I think this would be cool, remember it is a twd thing, people using zombies against other people.

19.0 Update - Prepare to Unleash the Horde

Thx scope:


Give me a green michonne 6* to begin… it’s unbelievable that she still not exist. Michonne is with a katana, not a rifle or a christmas hat !


A Michonne toon with a walker on a chain like Marlon


Could be a new specialist skill.

Skill : Infected
Effect: a DoT applied to the ennemy that will kill him in x number of turns, can only be cleansed by certain medic toons


New specialist skill for it


Or Walkers with the skill: whisperer attack. Looks like a normal Walker, oh shit a pumpgun.


Or a team of whisperers thusly allowing the walker to flourish. It would be a helluva neat new wrinkle. I thought that combo teams like the whole Shiva Force together or all Saviors or whatever could have an added bonus similar to when you get a whole territory group.


Well if gator is allowed “gator aid” for an adrenaline rush surely bill the zombie should get something along the lines of “another one bites the dust”