Who wants a ZOMBIE on their team....?


My 7 yr old son said…“Dad, I want a 6* zombie on my team. Can you call scopely?”

What a cool idea, imagine opening up the game with the choice of different Walkers??

Michonne could have 2 leading her around on chains…???


A zombie toon would be awesome! :grinning:


Gonna have to pass


Zombie characters were the beginning of the end for Beyond the Dead. I’d pass. I’d be okay with an Infected specialist skill that turned the character into a walker when they died in raids, though.


I would take a sr stun walker anyday!


BAN !!! Game is 18+.


I bloody hell do. Though we should debate this a little further, to make sure it would’t “break the meta”.


if whisperers are on the team, walkers is a possibility(in canon).
theyd need to be extremely chaotic though in their actions… which might limit interest in them if not done properly.
Stop eating my non-walker players, please


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This as her weapon in-game – this is something i’ve been dreaming about for a while haha


That’s a intresting idea, but Human - Walker couldn’t
work together. Maybe a extra mode would be an Idea where
you can you fight with Walkers against other Walkers, even
if this would be weird, because walkers don’t attack themselfs :thinking:


Maybe a new skill is in order.

Infected: when attacking a chance to infect uninfected defending player. While infected deals 75 dmg/turn and is uncurable


Infected sword… turns enemy into a zombie after 4 turns


Shameless, yes… but I couldn’t resist.


Honestly I feel like we are already kinda walker herded already but playing as a few walker characters like the governors daughter penny or mike and terry . I would buy that fora dollar


The michonne with the 2 zombies would be amazing. I imagine most people would pull for that based on just the design.


Michonnes walkers had no bottom jaw or arms so how would that help? Maybe it would be a cool visual effect but not much more than that.
As for walkers on your team they can’t be controlled or talked to so they wouldn’t make good teammates, they wouldn’t know who to attack, like a permanently confused character.


Guys. Just for funzies. We have a Tiger. We can have a team Full of Tiger against a man with googles and a bazooka.

Walkers could be Halloween special. Special characters, relax :D.

Or a new mode. Would be cool to have armored spike zombie :D. Anyway, still cool to have a zombie :frowning:




With The Whisperers we can pretty much have them. I mean, they look like zombies and probably some of them are amputees xD.

One thing that I love in this game is the artstyle. So I have faith that they can make awesome characters (Wanderer, Sawyer, Victor and on. So many new awesome characters. Oh, and How to forget that Smile. Davie <3)