Who to pull for Ryan or Priya

I’ve got 14k coins saved from the pathways event. I’m wondering if I should pull for ryan now, or keep waiting on rocket priya.

  • Ryan
  • Wait for Priya

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Ryan consumes 8 moves over 2 turns, the most effective taunt locking toon in the game

With a huge ap when taking damage gun, permanent taunt lock

It depends: do you want to be disappointed now or later?


Yum 0.6%+0.9% odds at a 6 star.
Not Ryan, necessary. Odds on its Vincent

According to google they need to show the ods of the pull on ryan so.they violating the google terms of agreement

Guess we will hear this a lot. A new trend.

Now if you want to pull you gotta say it in apologetic voice? Come on! Stand proud with your beliefs (or addictions).

No one is judging.

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I pulled 2 20ks though

If they are using the key system for priya, 14k likely won’t be enough. Remember Pete himself didn’t drop. Needed keys from bags. Much lower odds.

That’s what I was wondering. Guess well see and if that’s the case then I’ll just wait and see

Save the coins.

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