Who to choose from 100 LVL SR?


Okay i still havent collected the reward after completing those 100 lvls in SR. But who to choose?

Lori i already have and i know scout is in supply store. Havent got Mira or mich. Who would you choose, or would you wait till 2020 when we get the next legacy list?

Feedback is wanted.


Just wait.i dont chose anyone.


Took Mira. She’s super rare only being a 3rd place war prize once


I know Lori is in 5⭐ token but I got her because 5⭐ tokens seem to come slow these days and because I know damn well that I’m not going to get her from there any time soon, despite barely getting an ascendable from there. Michonne is what Strong Martinez is to the Zekes and Mirabelle is in Prestige.


Shes in that cheap wheel with the Michonne as well


Mira and Mich are the ones to choose from I went with Mira because she looks badass. I know I could have waited but that stupid red box is so annoying.


Thats why i started this thread. I hate those notifications! :joy:


I took Mira no doubt. The ones who saw my Custom Character Showoffs should already know that
I LOVE Masks :joy: (By the way: Maybe I will continue the series this evening, otherwise tomorow :wink: )


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