Who to ascend (title 15 chats)


Between zeke mira yumi and shiva who should I ascend.


What team are you using it for, what leads do you have, what weapons do you have?


Depends of your main Defending Team. For Ranged, Ascend Mirabelle and/or Yumiko. If it’s melee, take Ezekiel or Shiva.


I’d recommend Mira or zeke


Agreed, Ezekiel is pretty tanky while Mirabelle’s stuns can stop enemies from Rushing and killing teammates at times.

But at the same time, Yumiko’s burn can take down some opponents and easily disable key targets, just like Shiva, who has a stronger attack and can confuse for two turns, and this kitty can also counter Ezekiel, who counters Yumiko, who counters Mirabelle. You get the idea.


I’ve done all of these except Yumi, and Mirabelle has easily been my MVP. She’s a good lead for raiding or defense, and most of the f2p toons given out in events for the last year have been ranged. You’ll probably get the most out of her.

Zeke is a really strong choice as well, his G2 ability saves lives. But really, without weapon and team info, this is all just anecdotal.


Zeke with a good crit weapon is like a human shield ar will take out most blues but he is better behide carl 6*lead . So at the min i’d mira for her leader skill build a range team around her with a stun gun she can be a pain to kill.