Who thinks of these offers?


At the exact same time too… C’mon Scopely.



This one is a much better deal! It has 6 raid cans, and 1 totally worth it and extremely useful 3 * trainer. How is that for a steal of a deal? Oh and it has tons of wood! Don’t ever forget the Wood.

It is one of the better deals offered for Scopely.

They would love it if people actually bought them.

(Oh and I borrowed the pic from Raab from this thread) Wow what great offers


Was about to post the same. What the hell is going on in There? It is like offers are made with same rng as pulls. If you have a guy responsible for offers you better fire him.


I would dare say the person responsible for offers is not the only one they should be questioning the future of.


That’s the kind of offer I’d expect to get a refund for if I accidentally purchased it but there so bad at customer service that it wouldn’t happen


Salesman of Sesame Street would do better.


sometime I really wonder is Scopely stuff actually play the game or they just threw everything from their imagination …very bad Business planner…people want some thing you offer other thing far away from what we really want…


stop buying those offers…

Since those offers has popup up, every drop has been nerfed, or it seems so.