Who should stay?

Who am I best keeping in Erika or pryia ??

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Weird flex but okay


What does flex mean


You know what it means


I’d say erika since priya gets murdered nowadays. That team isnt very threatening without a shield or command though. 85 ap on most gonna make for a easy attack

Doesn’t really matter much since they are likely to be the first one taken out before their rush can go off. I’d say keep Erika I guess, but your team could use some more non-revive characters (not often you have to say that) to put more pressure on the other team.

Edit: Actually Priya can be revived and then her rush will go off, confusing over half of the opposition for 2 turns. For that reason I think I’d go with her.

I have a koa think ill take out one of the tyreese and place him in only thing he dont get any def buff from Lydia,

I wouldn’t suggest to go full revive team.
At least, it didn’t work with five stars (in the past)

It’s funny how this is literally like the 10th time you’ve posted a picture of this defense on multiple threads and it’s not as good as you think lol get some weapons and a shield and no don’t use Priya she will get destroyed on defense


Lol, exactly what I was thinking. My Alpha is metaphorically salivating at the prospect of running her chainsaw through this set-up


Alpha attack buff boom down in 3 turns

what is the point of showing off exactly

I hope you have an 8 percent weapon on that defense cause if not they ar turn 4… good luck surviving that long.

Regardless of him showing off, I’d go Priya. Sometimes multi devices can be redundant, what Priya can offer is to cause havoc on the enemy team for 2 turns, which helps with time-out. Given right mods, weapon stats, and Lydia leadership, she can tank pretty efficiently.


Not showing off am new and my region is 2 month old only looking for help and advise clearly this ain’t the place to ask

Erika with a 30 hp 30 def 35 defense or 30hp 30 defense and stun. Least erika won’t die so quick but in all honesty the team is doomed anyway. Got to always think what is widely available for any free to play player and two of which is tyresse and alpha that both decapitate. You need variety.

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Nope, it’s not.

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With that roster on a 2 month old region, seems like you want to get into @Chump 's line group for leads/coleads of top 3 factions. You’ll make lots of new friends.


I joked around and had my comment removed and it wasn’t mean or negative to anyone. Heck it’s the same advice I give to folks that join my company. Lol

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