Who should I take ? Mirabelle,Lori,Scout,Michonne


I got to level 20 and I need to take one of them, Red 5 Star Scout, Blue 5 star Lori, Green 5 Star Michonne , Yellow 5 Star Mirabelle that’s my roster atm :

Thanks in advance.


Take Mirabelle cause she fanservice


I would take the green Michonne. Her AR does good splash damage and it gives everyone camouflage, very helpful if you get in trouble fighting walkers.


I’m a fan of Lori.
The defense down is great.


It’s a different green michonne than the one you’re thinking of.


Any other opinions?


I’ll prolly get scout for command.

Though imo, you don’t need to worry too much on the decision. Pick the one that will most likely help your team at the moment. You will eventually transition to 6*s soon, so the decision here isn’t game changing.


Marribel or Lori but as said above won’t take long til you have 6stars but either of them 2 will help with the toons u have now.


It is the calm before michonne he is talking about


Given that you have Molly and Maggie for healing, and Joey available as a Command (if levelled, he is viable well into the 5* game), I’d personally go for Lori, her Defence Down can be a matchwinner in the early game.

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^^ Exactly this, blue Lori has a fantastic rush for taking down enemy teams. Deals good damage and hands out a pretty severe defense debuff that you’ll thank yourself for having later.

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