Who should I t4?

Carl , Wyatt or Shiva? Im torn please help

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Carl then shiva

Or shiva then carl both will be used for many months to come :slight_smile:

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Shiva then Wyatt then Carl. You just want Carl for his leader skill. T4 the others behind him so they have better stats.

Just Shiva. Others won’t change your fate. Save the gear on the others for future characters you may never get.


Shiva :tiger:

Carl…Id agree Shiva but make ur lead stronger 1st. Imo

His leadership skill won’t change, it is nice to have a t4 leader, but in this case Shiva would be solid T4. For ranged, Erika t4 is good, because not only as a leader but also for her rush, the more tanky she is the longer she is alive

Thanks to all for the help , ended up t4 the big cat and I don’t regret it :slight_smile:

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Lead is not important now, game has no balance. Take shiva as she is a great addition to both your ranged and melee team.

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