Who should i pick!

With this new event i hve enough cards to pick 1 of the following toon.

1st s.class loapo
1st sclass raulito
Or 2nd s.class priya
( keep in mind that i already hve 2 s.class princess in my attack team.)

Priya for sure!!

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Priya would be for more offence

Laopo for defence

Raulito an offensive bleed team

All depends on what you’re looking for. Personally I went laopo first since I didn’t have one and I think she could help me defensively in some ways

Raulito is who I’m going for next since territories and second priya after just because I like having a variety for attack


I would say either Priya or laopo. As Link said it depends whether you want an attack toon or defence.

I can’t decide myself :laughing: I can either get a 2nd Priya, a 2nd Aarav and a 2nd 5* laopo, or S-Class laopo and another 5* Priya.

Trying to decide whether getting my first laopo is worth not having 2 extra S-Class that I already have one of.
She might be useful :thinking: but so might 2 new attack toons.

if you have one rampage and you can try for another rampage then i surely think that you shoudl go for second priya with two priyas ( including rampages ), ap doc, command and kenny s class it will be great team.

Tough between a 2nd Priya and a Laopo. Barely anyone runs impair and daze resist and when Laopo rushes, you win, if you don’t mind how many turns it takes.
With Axel there is a very easy way around her high AR cost that won’t require 2 toons.
Laopo has the potential to have a good syncronisation with future toons (and maybe Noor). I’d still probably say a 2nd Priya though.

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Dude u probably playing the wrong twd game, u said that to jacki aswell


FYI laopo is still meta relevant asf despite her being an old toon, she’s one of the best defensive toons with an amazing rush, it just scopely didn’t make gr8 weapon Effects for green that’s y ppl don’t use her much bc she will be targeted

With Javier I can see Laopo became relevant again

You made me laugh so bad man.
Do you even play the game.
You call the best mele lead toon a garbage .


Damn , should I correct this every time
Laopo is a female

It not only depends on what use you are looking for, but also how far you’re from such team and how much you want to invest into it.

Raulito is a great bleed team lead (mostly onslaught relevant) but remember that Mercer negates bleed. If you can get Trader (6* enough) and Mateo (S class needed) + Wangfa, you don’t need to look any further for a good no-rush team. If you still want bleed, remember you’ll need at least two lacerators and some pain spread and DOT expansion weapons (a dazer would also make sense aginst the cleansers)

A second Priya can be great. Two daze opportunities, or a daze next to a rampage version will fit great with two Princesses, for insane damage along with a lot of control and it looks like not much more is needed for a good offense.

I love Laopo’s rush. It’s the best one to neuter an attacking team and closest to a timeout in S-class era, especially coupled with Willie. Needs the most work, tho. I haven’t got her yet myself, because I lack the toons to couple her with…

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