Who should I pick

With Frost being recently leaked, I was curious as to the consensus on who would make a better defense toon behind a raulito lead. I’ve been saving my coins for a long time and have more than enough to do a 100 pull for one of them and then some.

  • Minerva
  • Frost

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Neither wait on next op attack toon and nothing is going to make raulito lead on defense viable.


You really think about spending May 21k Coins for a Red Toon? There are too much Heavy Hitter in Blue like Priya or Princess the Red once gone Die one shot. Take Frost Buddy

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frost but lets be real wait for another promo on mercer for lead. Pop on vk look at past toon leaks for what might a up coming s class promo.

I got quite a few defends with him during the last war. The teams that beat it were of course the ones who wouldve beat it anyway.

Minerva currently I am after Daiyu once you can get her cards from the roadmap

Marlon and rosie strong s class
Mateo (From the xmas roadmap)

All Upcoming S class.

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