Who should i get from the museum collection?

Who should i get? Each one seem to bring something good and i can`t decide. Also i have enough to buy someone from the supply depot to help out completing my teams. roster%201 roster2

lori is good for neutralising opponents but I would say Glenn personally but you already have Kelly so it might not be the best option for you

if i knew this event was coming i would have saved for Mirabelle

Take anybody but Maggie very obsolete toon that kills nobody

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All of em

Lori - very commonly used 6* neut/buff attacker. Similar to SD gov which you likely got a couple from 3YT
Shane - love my 5* shane, 6* healer! (im taking)
Glenn - Great toon but In SD
Maggie - #fartnoise

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I echo @Trout’s sentiments.

Looking at that Roster, Lori for sure. Always concentrate on attack toons, as defence is really hard to crack but Lori opens up your ranged options which are lacking, neutralise is great and the buff is useful.

Shane is ok, but don’t think he would offer you much. Maggie would be reasonable on defence with Garrett. But she’s not actually any good. Glenn can be obtained from Supply Depot, and you already have a command if that’s what you need.

thanks, mate. Lori it is.

Maggie since your roster seems melee heavy, might as well build it up some more

shane because thats the only one i dont have

I might say screw it and ascend a Shane. It may sound dumb but I could use a ranged healer that could go well behind a Spencer.
…and I don’t have Rosita around so yeah.

You got kenny? Hurt and heal is better plus his active ti recover stun

I’m personally going for Glenn.
Command is excellent.

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