Who should I get and ascend next

I have a decent roster with a good amount of 6* who should I ascend next

Also have yellow ascendable Morgan

Bryan all the way

Yeah I know that but I have 900 gold medals

I told you my answer. If u have enough medals to ascend three why are u asking the forums

Because there events going on for toons like leagues the solange one and the mitten thing

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So are you then asking if you should ascend anyone in your current roster or if you should wait for some of these special event toons which or not in your roster currently.

Why not both

Why not ask that?

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Abraham is useful for SR but to me that’s all he is good for

ascend Abraham and Bryan but also delete this post straight away, like what is the actual point of it ? You’re going to have to make your own decisions on which event characters you grind for just like everyone else and if any of them will fit into your attack or defence teams or give you a different dimension.


Abe is useful on a regular basis. Use him as my melee atk lead. Was gonna recommend him as it looks like your short on melee at k leads

Abe lead, rom, sandy, vik, shiva

Abe is far more useful than just SR, he is my main attack leader, and Bruce with is disarm is very happy about that.

Bryan has more priority if you need a pure heavy damage dealer for ranged teams.

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