Who should I ascend

My team is green with two 6* Carl and Shiva.

Carl/Jesus/Ezekiel/Shiva/Shiva - S3

  • 2nd Shiva.
  • Wyatt.
  • Start range team, Mirabelle.

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Thank you guys, I went with the 2nd Shiva max her AR and only need 1 more active, I think she will have some ap bonus on atk until I can afford pursuing stun claw. This took me to S3++


2nd Shiva is my vote


For defence or atk? If def id say wyatt… if atk id say shiva

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Damn look at you hogging up all the Carl’s and Shiva’s. :grin:

I’m melee but If I were you I would go for the 2nd :tiger2:

Stun and Ap down claws.

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Is there really such a thing as defense anymore?

I vote Shiva for all around usefulness and synergy, but I feel it should be noted that Mira is also very useful and worth having at least one of

The only Vincent team I faced that ever gave me issues had two Shiva’s in it. Could actually be of use if you have him and try him as leader one day ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Well right now I don’t have enough resources to have two different teams for defence and attack, so anything I can use in both situation.

I know a guy with a team of 5 Shiva’s.

Armored lead, 3 OG ascended, 1 holiday

Best team ever.


If there is Shiva offers alot more for your defence than Wyatt

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I have a Shiva all ready to go. Sadly no Carl. Might ascend her for the hell of it. I gotta soft spot for the tigress. Some day perhaps.

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She’s definitely worth it even without carl. Did you go for Vincent? Not the worst substitute for carl

Yes… my team defends decently… i get a fair amount of them in war… but it all about the right weps for the right toons and proper timing of ARs on def… ppl still get through… but my teams pretty tough

I really like her, she can 1 shot any toon that doesn’t have pain split or bonus hp plus her active skill is the difference between a loss or win.

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Stun claw Shiva has a place in any team, Carl or not. And the guaranteed active stun round 2 shuts down unsafe shields.

If you have the mats, pull the trigger on the Tigger

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Guarentee stun round 2 also shuts down erikas with stun gun on def… once stunned… opponents gun attributes that hurt u are muted…

Haven’t decided yet. Got Wyatt last time. I also have Gator ready to go and he’s got a leader skill and lg item drop too. Just always been ranged. All my weapons are set for ranged as well. I do have 1 ab def knife though.

I have the medals for 5, the fodder for 3 but only enough adens/lilliths for 1 and they are reserved for the Gov. I do have 4 green trainers collecting dust and 2 yellows as well.

I am 2 double holsters from t4ing Mira. Might just keep going for the boxes and pray to God for some luck.

I have Vincent and Gator too. Neither ascended.

Not sure who I think would be a better leader. Both seem decentish, but not ideal.

Maybe this can help you decide.


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Carl. Carl would be the better leader. :wink: Thats why I havent pulled the trigger either. Still keep hoping for a lucky pull. Only f2p toon I’m missing besides Barker and he stinks imo.

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