Who should I ascend next


I have a lot of options


Depends on your current teams and what toons you have and use. What are your needs? Looking for a toon to raid with? Looking to strengthen your defense? Looking for SR edge? If you are going ranged, a melee might be useless. If you are going melee, ranged might be useless.


I don’t want to ascend Garrett till the event is over I don’t want 2


all of them


Even Barker


And here’s all my six stars also have enough medals to ascend 3


I don’t really have a shield or revive to go with him and if I ascend him I’m afraid of getting a second one from the anniversary wheel


you must think yourself pretty lucky to get something good from there


Nope just hopeful my first pull was 6s Connor


Green Abe


The free garret is green so you won’t have same toon twice


I could still pull another after I ascend him every f2p players should get at least 2 pulls


Rosita. Looks like Kenny is your only “healer”. There is more to the game than just raiding and war. Trust me you will love having Rosita for SR and FA. She’s got a 80% heal over two turns and removes stun and impair.

Do it!!


I would ascend Kelly. Command is a must for me and you have no command characters plus your melees are better anyway. Next is Governor, he hits hard, he netralizes, and his AR can impair. After can be Garret or Javier, up to you. I’ve never seen a good Garret or Javier defense team.

I ascended Barker too, but I use him only for SR. However I wouldn’t pick him or Rosi if I were you, you don’t have a deep roster and you can’t really afford using your resources on niche characters.


You don’t necessarily need to ascend Garrett to have a strong defensive team. Just have a bunch of overpowered, high-end weapons and mods, a reviver, some people who taunt, confuse, stun, etc., and a HS. That’s all that matters.


That’s all


Trust me. Due to my own lack of high-end weapons, I’ve lost quite a few times to a particular S2+ team with a Clem lead and Shieldchonne. I believe Glenn and G2 Zeke is in there as well. AD/attack stun weapons, confusion, defense buff.

My nightmare.


If someone hasn’t said this already, you will be getting a different Garrett from the event


I know but knowing this games RNG after I ascend him I will probably get a second one from my anniversary pull I don’t mean the candle Garrett


Oh, gotcha.