Who should I ascend next?


I have siddiq,miraboobs, maggie,barker, and RTP Rick ready to be ascended. Benes are limited so I’ll only be able to ascend one toon, who should I ascend?


Depends on what other toons you have ascended already.


Show what 6*s you already have so i can help


Is it ok if I use your post for guidance too? That way I don’t create a new one

I need help deciding who to ascend too, my current job 6* roster is:

Green Negan
(sucks, I know)

The ascendables I have are:
Melee: Vincent, Wyatt, Maggie, Aris and soon RTP Rick

Ranged: Mirabelle, Erika, Tyrese, Governor, Abraham

I want to focus on attack since defense sucks lately, I’m mostly melee as you can see, but I lack a decent leader, I only have resources at the moment for one ascension, not sure which melee one would be the most effective for attack, or if I should start trying to build a ranged team, this would be long term

Thanks for any suggestions


even without a ranged leader, you cant go wrong with Tyreese for a starting attack team. He does so much damage.

I’d recommend ascending Tyreese, then Mirabelle (or the other way around if you want a ranged leader now).

You can run negan lead with tyreese behind him and still put out great damage.

Build a huge ap both ways and 30hp for shane, and a 30atk, huge ap attacking, and double attack for tyreese.


I never thought of Ty behind that lead, but now that you mention it you’re right, and he would be useful if I decide to go ranged afterwards, thanks man!


Cheers. He’s a staple in most of my factions teams, and were usually #1 in CRW. He hits like a truck even behind non ranged leads, and decaps so erika teams arent too hard


I have vincent,glenn,miraboobs,zeke,wyatt ascended. I’ve been focusing on a melee team. I don’t know if Maggie is worth ascending since I just got rick.