Who should I ascend From my roster?

I am close to enough legendary medals to make an ascension… with plenty of Benedicts! I dont know who I should ascend though, Gov, Anna, Maggie, Sandy, Javier, Lee, Garrett, or Dev? What order should I ascend them based off the toons in my roster? Heres my roster in terms of the toons I have.

considering you have Rick for a leader i would go for Sandy and Javi first, Sandy has waste not which is always awesome and can work well with Javi`s defense down debuffs, plus his 100% attack buffs, if that goes on Rick or Sandy you can kill whoever you want

Also, can you get Glenn from the museum collection? or are you going for that strong Mirabellle in the Season store?

I would go for javi, because after him lee could be ascended( would work with leader skill and the start to a range team)

that`s good too, i used Javi as lead till i got green Abe and it worked fine

Javier. Leader skill for blue and yellow is a plus. Goes with your two 6* well. Allows you to build others toons on later. Get a Tyreese if you can!

I wont be able to go for Mira this season unless my faction gets higher than platinum I, but im saving depot points and i can go for Glenn once he is in there

Javi, and sandy seem like good choices to asend, but imma need more blues if im gonna asend javi any time soon

What most of they others said.

Stay away from Lee, Garrett or Maggie. None will offer anything useful.

you don`t have any dmg dealing blues, so you do not have much of a choice unless you think you need Lee, but i assume you will not be able to max his rush that fast, so he will be pretty bad. Sandy and Javi can get you a lot of wins if you ignore Carl teams, cuz you will get crushed by them. You can also try to go for absolute def on some weapons. Was Priya a pull or did you buy ger from the season store?

Anna imo.

Anna is a beast, but he doesn`t have a good lead for her and as good as she is, there are not a lot of fast characters on defense and she gets wrecked by reds if she is the only green

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Sorry didn’t read that part

I bought priya from the season store, i used to have her on my og region on a lucky pull and she was awesome to use