Who shall it be?

So I just maxed out 2 ascendables, Aarav and Ajax I only have enough fodder to ascend ONE. So who should it be?

Aarav. No question. Your focus should be on S-Class.


You raise a fair point

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It depends on the team you wanna use him in, if it’s offense or defense, and what other toons you’re gonna pair him with.
If it’s defense, then I’d go with Ajax. Aarav could work really well in defense too, but if the attacker brings in Angel, then he basically kills himself.
If it’s offense, then go with Aarav, no doubt about it.
P.S: You should focus on S Class for now, that’s right. But having just enough fodder to ascend 1 toon means you’re pretty low on… well, basically everything. So you should focus on what/who brings you more benefits short term, and just then focus on long term.

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Arrav because with all these blue team with crazy attack and the release of free to play angel arrav would benefit your team a lot more and like mentioned before he is S-Class so by the time arrav is maxed he is extremely underpowered compared to any S-Class

Yellow guy

Aarav.You can use his AR each round after the first time and he demolishes people.

Breaking the pattern: Ajax.

Aarav is probably not going to be super useful as a regular 6* - as a damage dealer, he really relies on getting kills, which the regular 6* will have a hard time doing unless he’s in a perfect setup. (And that is going to be hard with him being countered by the newest F2P toon) Plus, getting a 6* ready for use requires additional resources, namely Lilith and Aden. You will want to exchange Aarav for the Stoon version some day, so they would be completely wasted. If you’re asking, I assume you don’t have a second Aarav maxed and 6000 cards lying around (if you do, def Aarav). His repromo just happened and the second repromo is probably a long while away, so there’s no immediate pressure for red velvet cake purposes. In the end, there’s just little immediate benefit nor urgency, so you can just as well do it later when you have more fodder.

Ajax can work well as an attacking shield, whether with the default weapon or with stun special (stun is better but takes much more effort and luck to craft), and a good shield can draw fire away from your other toons; this can often make the difference.

Aarav might have trouble killing but at least you are spending resources on a character with a future. Ajax dies if priya looks at him wrong and he cant defend anything anymore. He was mediocre in 6 era and just worthless now. At least aarav is fun and good in sr.


SR is where you need shields the most (although Ajax is not the best, as his default weapon has no control ability, but htat can be crafted if need be). 6* Aarav (without liliths) is fun in SR, but only on lower levels - as soon as he stops killing he becomes a headache, and on harder modes like daily he does absolutely nothing.

The future is in the future, and there’s a long way to get there. Plenty of time to do otherwise low-value ascends. Ajax isn’t great, but might buy you a turn (and if Priya looks at him and kills him, the reflect might trigger and kill her back). And one turn can be the difference between winning and losing.

That said, I’ve reconsidered a bit, and the asnwer might well be “ascend neither”. Better to ger Magna from the SR depot, as she doesn’t cost regular gear and can hold a stun gun immediately. The opportunity cost of ascending either now is probably greater than the benefit.

So what I have been thinking with S-Class is get both toons, then level them up together, that way you are only collecting one set of gear, there is not much point in maxing Arav and then wasting a whole of Liliths etc. to make one usable while you muck about leveling the second one when you get it. 6 star Arav is going to get smashed by Angel and Christa anyway.

Ajax - do you come up against Priya often? Are there many Wangfa’s floating about? Is James a common Toon? Do you have a Stun gun? Is Ajax helping me dominate Arena’s as a 5 star? These are what I would be considering if if was looking at upgrading Ajax. It maybe like what @DrJank suggest’s do neither and go for Magna.

Jank is a long winded fool. Aarav all day long and twice on Sunday.

Magna is already ascended when you buy her from Depot and isn’t all that hard if you play sr at all to get the gear to level her. She hold a stun gun from day 1 and is a shield. I’d say Aarav bc mines been very useful but only to the extent of having fun with him. Ppl can tell you what to do all day, but in reality what do you need more? Even a temporary help like Ajax may be, can help in the short term. Only u know which will help your “in the now” most. Like someone said getting Aarav built up just to help for now seems useless. But again, only you know what’ll help your team most.

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