Who’s watching stranger things this weekend?


Season premier of one of the best shows on Netflix, I’m excited as hell


I will be. I pretty much remember season 1 but should watch it over before going into Season 2, but I won’t.


I probably will, work has me in a hotel, so I’m bored anyways


Rewatched season 1 yesterday and today at the office. So good! I hear the new season is good, not great. I’m still excited though.


already warned my faction mates that my war participation on Friday will be limited because of this


Holy hell, for some reason I thought it was Sunday


Feels like I’ve been waiting forever for it to come back, but yay it’s almost here!! :blush:


Me, defntely.




I thought you won’t ?! Oo


I have been waiting on it forever




I have been watching it all week slowly!! Not enough hours in the day to Netflix & Chill to binge it :slight_smile: :popcorn:

Anyone notice that…

Once again in the first episode, the boys started the season by playing some sort of “game” focusing on a monster that is used as a clue?

The first season, they started out playing DnD and fighting the “demogorgon”

and in the second season, they started out at the arcade, trying to score a high score in the dragon slaying game.

The monsters are getting bigger and badder. :dragon:


Dig dug!! They like to foreshadow it seems


I feel like this one was way better than the first. I’m loving it.

Who’s everyone’s favorite character this time around?

I feel like Hopper quickly became my new fav next to 011.


After waiting for season 2 for what seemed to be a lifetime…sadly this 9 hours seemed like a blur and I felt that everything except stranger things 2 was stealing my attention.

For a Netflix original, it seems to have been lackluster compared to the 1st season. I mean…everything they did in season one…was merely a repeat in season 2.

Perhaps it is just me and holding high standards… and as always…being let down :slight_smile:


I’m only on episode 2, don’t ruin it for me lol


Finished Episode 8 last night. Holy shit, that might of been the best episode in the series history so far.



My favorite has to be the duo of Dustin and Steve. I hated Steve during the first season but he redeemed himself in this new season.

My favorite parts of Season 2 (SPOILERS)

When Nancy and Jonathan are in Murray’s house, and he tells them they both have some sexual tension going on. The next day after Nancy and Jonathan did the deed, Murray asks Jonathan if the “pull out” was good, both teens spat their food out lol.

When Dustin gets shot down by all the females at the dance in the last episode and he starts crying alone in the bleacher seats. That scene really hit me hard, but luckily Nancy swooped in to save him from the embarrassment was very sweet.