Who’s the best revive toon?


Let’s get into it, a lot of people saying this or they toon. Who’s the best revive toon?

  • Carl (Tough/Blue)
  • Dante (Strong/Green)
  • Erika (Alert/Red)
  • Hunter (Tough/Blue)
  • Lydia (Fast/Yellow)
  • Mackenzie (Tough/Blue)
  • Solange (Strong/Green)
  • Tyreese (Fast/Yellow)
  • Violet (Strong/Green)

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All situational.

Mackenzie tends to worry me the most. The status removal is trouble but then has retribution 2 which makes killing her a issue. Then the revive can just set you back to the beginning.


Mackenzie and Violet usually are the ones that brings me trouble sometimes. Both very solid defensive toons, prob one of the bests in their colors


Imagine two of her (Mackenzie) behind Erika with a manga shield and blue carl :grimacing:yikes


I think if a character similar to violet but yellow came out it would be the end of all things… really the only issue with violet is that green is terrible for defense…


That’s funny cause stun locking me is the one thing that makes me want to break my phone during war. Rest I can handle. Seems 50+ stun resist doesn’t provide the tip I’d have thought.


Dante is great for his healing abilities in addition to revive. But Lydia is the new meta toon


Toons that rely on active to revive…weak…

Erika is still the best, health and hp is still king. Lydias AR takes too long.

Ty and violet are beast on defensive. Very hard to kill but not scared of them.


Agreed. Greens stun def dudes stun my red stun attack dudes much more easily. It’s not even funny smh.


kenz for sure. purge all plus retribution with a side order of revive? yes please.


Eh, I get stun locked more my reds than greens… greens can stun at max 1 char per turn (without command) whereas if you want a character gone (let’s say Erika) and they just so happen to have a stun gun…

I don’t think I need to go much further


Easy to disarm one toon.

Can’t disarm 4-5 same turn which makes stun atk a threat.

Yes we might be discussing different conditions whether or not one has a disarm, but it does need to be considered in light of it being a functionality in the game that will hopefully inevitably become available to all players rather than Premier/lucky-wheel pulls only.


igothunter but we know lydia is the best


I believe that Erika is still the best, all things considered.
Most of the other revives just give bonus Hp and and def buff at most. It’s easy to bypass that with burn and bleed. People have plenty of bleed and burn mods.
It won’t matter if you have 3k bonus hp if you don’t heal the damage dealt to your base hp.
Erika covers that and adds the bonus hp and revives a character with the most hp (tied with Lydia).


#TeamDante :star_struck:


Team dante sucks go team violet :wink:


I like them all Dante violet and Mackenzie on same defense can be a nightmare.


My vote goes to a draw between Violet and Mackenzie. Both are very hard to deal with in the right setup. Add to that a solid mods config and good weapons and you’re golden.


Ha. I love that the revive poll is so long

Who’s the best decap?
Only 4 choices


i got another one coming, but not decap.