Who’s the best Keanu

In honor of me stepping back from the game and community I figured I’d revive my “who’s the best” movie poll. I’ll also ignore my top 5 movies only rule, Pre 2010 movies only…

  • Tom Ludlow (Street Kings)
  • John Constantine (Constantine)
  • Neo (The Matrix)
  • Kevin Lomax (The Devils Advocate)
  • Johnny Mnemoic (Johnny Mnemoic)
  • Jack Traven (Speed)
  • Ted (Bill & Ted)
  • Johnny Utah (Point Break)

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He was eggcellent as Ted… he is on point in his John Wick movies though.


Point Break is a great movie. Haven’t seen it in years. Now I gotta go watch it.


Watching it now cause of this post

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No John Wick? Shit poll

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Yeah seriously no John wick?

John Wick > 2010

I’m sorry I’m confused, this Keanu right?

Human Keanu isn’t too shabby either, I actually really truly love all of these movies listed. Keanu is probably my favorite actor.

Constantine is my favorite movie of all time

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I forgive you for your hurtful words

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That one where he spends the whole first half of the movie moaning he has a dodgy knee from a surfing injury or something but as soon as he needs to go all action hero jumping off planes and running everywhere, his knee is no longer any kind of problem whatsoever?

Must have had a shield/healer/revive combo in the background.

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