Who’s next up on the docket?

Anyone know what the next new promo is going to be? I hope it’s one of the old toons.

Where is this yellow toon?

Anyone have the leaked info on this toon?

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I’m surprised that the green alpha hasn’t been released yet, been a few months since she was leaked and I’m a big fan of her decapitate specialist

They have to release a good melee leader. That New Threat Negan doesn’t cut it. Otherwise, the damage output from Alpha will be pretty irrelevant.

I’m currently torn right now between pulling for Zeke or Hershey’s or waiting for the next promo (hoping it’s McPokey Hands - fast tank above). But in all likelihood, it probably doesn’t even matter considering every 40 pull I’ve done has made me a billionaire with pennies (4s) and nickels (5s).

Yellow yumiko

Can’t tell if I like her
I mean yeah it’s a decent buff to 3 and willnwork nice with a connor but then extremely low dmg
Mean ap for 2 enimies
I think confounding is a bonus so she’s good
But poor ol magna has lasted one week and already they release a counter R. I. P

True tbh doe taking a second look at this yumi she definitely good be a pain on defnse
Because she does basically a 3 temate elusive buff yunj gaurennteed it for 2 turns at same ar cost as Rick plus thev buff and crit and specialist skill does work

Everthings toast on defnse
But if a toons defnsive enough there good really
But you gotta remeber maddison premier not f2p
Yumi will work but it’s trnya find the setuo for her
I’d say if you want her go for her if not your choice
Ya money is ya money at the end of the day

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Confounding is a sick ability. Get them crit popping and madness ensues. Not a bad offering imo.

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I guess we are ready for a 2 turn elusive :man_shrugging:t3::man_shrugging:t3::man_shrugging:t3:

Indeed. Beast mode for Koa or Magna (garret lead)


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