Who remembers When?


Any1 remember the time when we got a 4 star from a Roadmap like Chuck or the 20 Glenns? Here’s an Idea let’s do this with Epics now and upgrade them to Legendaries would that be too much to ask? thoughts or bad idea?


there is no way they are going to just hand out a 5* character for completing a road map, this is crazy, you will be lucky to get a free 3*


Would have been nice to be able to collect some of the newer four stars this way , I actually still find uses for them


Discussing this with some of my faction mates only yesterday, the days we battled through roadmaps to finish to get toons like Chad or Molly, toons who everyone who managed to finish used as mainstays for months after and how much fun these were.

I’m all for a return of these roadmaps


Wow, those were the days.
I remember getting Shane, Lori, Chad etc all from roadmaps. And tournament rewards were toons as well.
Cursing the wheel of death for not giving me a 5☆ (somethings haven’t changed lol)
Back when the game was new & we had soooo much fun playing.
The grind was so different then that of today. When we thought raid reputation actually ment something, other then bragging rights. :joy:
How the scales of time have changed :no_mouth:


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