Who remembers the merge

A long time ago they merged two regions. They said it was good at first but then all the players quit and they considered it a failure. Some of you must remember… It was probably two years ago… so them saying they can’t isn’t exactly the truth

They should give it another go

I remember Dash saying it caused ppl to quit and that they wouldnt again

I honestly think they would refuse to devote any time doing anything that doesn’t directly end up in the shop or premier recruits


Yeah cause regions with 3 or less factions are going to quit when there are suddenly 6.

News flash, they are all going to quit anyways.

Truth is they are lazy, don’t value their players, and find more value in the 5% of Players that start over in a new region. Screw the 95% that might actually want to continue playing.


Indeed. Tweak the trigger point and set a consistent expectation. Not a big deal if you know it’s coming. And if you leave over it, likely little was keeping you around in the first place.

Pepperidge Farm Remembers


Ppl in my region want a merge to happen. We are an English speaking region. Make the merge’s happen already. We don’t need “75” or however many English speaking region’s there are.

What happened to learning from past mistakes? How about they engage the “troubled” regions like mine (Floyd), we have 1 faction and 25 actives and merge the regions in the same boat…how’s this for an obvious idea…merge our CRW group as all of those factions are in the same boat (Appling, Dawson, Greene etc).

We ALL say how much we want that during event chat…check the logs Scopely. We just want competition and our mates.

@kalishane @CombatMan

I remember the thread on the merge. As mentioned, I believe a bunch of people quit because they didn’t like how they were in a top spot before hand and suddenly they lost their position or they had to fight hard to keep their position. It’s not a question if they can do it, more of a if they want to do it.

My 2 cents though, where was it ever mentioned that a merge “isn’t possible”, OTHER THAN IN-GAME SUPPORT? Because we know how unreliable they are so they should not ever be referenced for anything.

Also, people seem to think that this forum represents the RTS community, but really this is just a percentage. There’s almost no non-English representation and probably only some or even a small number of English speaking players use this forum. My main point is to not fall into confirmation bias and think everyone wants something when it’s really just a vocal minority. This isn’t specific to mergers, this is about all other issues too.


See here’s the thing though. They have to realize that every single regions is going to die, and players can easily see that. Why spend money when you know eventually you’ll have to start over somewhere new or quit? By not having a plan for dying regions they are completely undercutting spending across the board.


I remember the old merge. It happened when 5 stars were the cream of the crop and we got new ones almost every week as prizes. After the merge people didnt lkke the disparity between missing top prize exclusive toons. Now? All the prizes are the damn same who who cares if the number 1 isnt top anymore. Just less tokens and trainers now so big freaking deal. Try another merge in this new age of the game and see how it goes. If everyone quits the regions were doomed to die anyway

It happened in Atkinson. We were Atkinson and Crawford. There was maybe 20 people that quit after the merger. Most of those were on their way out anyway. Currently sits at 150 (at most) active players. But it was never high.

And if they base it off the fact that X region had this many playing and Y had this many playing and now XY has this many, they might not be taking into account the 30 or so players that had their two accounts nerged together.

As someone who went through a merger before, I wpuld love to go through the process again. Shake things up. Bring in some new heavy hitters to disrupt how the current leaders dominate


Be careful…I just got suspended for saying stuff like that

From which region r u

I’m in Atkinson, there was more of a drop off in activity AFTER inception of 6*…

  • Prizes became pants
  • Team diversity now highly vanilla (Scopely failed to honour their word re release of OG 5* to 6* and break their word re not selling 6*)
  • Raids; I hardly get raided these days, only during raid tourneys, that along with war battles hav become vanilla and boring AF

We are fortunate to not have cheats in our region.

Some players are still do big pulls. Probably why Scope will not give a final yea/neh on mergers/migration.

Personally I would love to see Atkinson merged again, region wars now only have 3 factions fighting, 4 if we are lucky! But until they solve those points above, the decay in the player base would continue imo.

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They should simply implement individual moving. This should be much simpler to implement than trying to merge two (or more) entire regions together. It also means players can move of their own free will rather than forcefully merged, so players are unlikely to quit. If they don’t like their new region they can simply move again until they find one they like.

Players stuck in dying inactive regions are unlikely to spend any money on the game because there is no point and they will eventually quit altogether out of boredom. But if they are able to move to an active region where they can compete again then many are likely to start spending again. A coin fee for the move could also be charged to make it financially worthwhile implementing region moving.

Entire factions can move together by simply organising the move externally via Line, KIk, etc. A few players can leave first to scout potential regions and then the full move can be arranged once a suitable region has been found.

There should obviously be some restrictions such as not being able to move during a tournament or to a region newer than 12 months.

Players should be able to move to regions that are closed to new players and inactive players (More than 3 months since last login) should be automatically moved to a closed holding region to free up space and declutter the leaderboard. If these players ever log in again, the game should invite them to move to an active region.

To avoid misuse the number of moves could be limited to maybe 2-3 per month with a minimum of 24 hours between each move (Or possibly 3 days for 2nd move, 7 days for 3rd.)

If the player already has an account in the destination region, the two can simply be swapped around or the game can require them to move the other account to another region first.

This issue affects a large number of players and needs to have priority over implementing any new features.

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