Who must i upgrade tier 4?

    1. Carl
    1. Glenn

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Both seem great to me anyway. A healer or buffer. Still got a tanky team.

Leader is always prioty once you get a leader t4 you can t4 who you desire after




If it was a pick then carl but honestly I would not nether are not really worth to teir 4 if its just about defense. Of course people will teir them right on up anyway for defense so my advice for that is tier up your best offensive characters so the raids doesnt take longer. But thats me.

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Completely agree. There are no teams who defend these days anyway. So rather get your offense up to speed.

If it’s between the two of them then Carl. If you have a one man stand off, then better with a healer.

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Neither benefit in a huge way by T4.

Hold on to materials for a Shiva or Maggie upgrade imo

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I forgot it.

Shiva is already T4, but i can wait for some new characters maybe.

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I would unless your swimming in gear which no one is. I have yet to T4 a single toon as t3 is decent and I’m waiting to see what my next. Go to defense will be.