Who makes the Line chatbots?



ShivaBOT, Carol, Jezebel, and Pocky are the ones I know of… does anyone know who made them? Or maintains them?


This is a forum for the mobile game the walking dead road to survival. What is a line chatbot?


The chat bots that people use in Line chats for RTS… they link to the calendar, start times, the YGL calculator, the weapons crafting tables, literally any helpful thing ever made by RTS players. Note that three of the bots I named are toons from the game.


yes, just introduced to them by my fac mates and find it very helpful. curious too. @rose-LGD does ShivaBOT, Jezebel, Pocky perform same functions as Carol?


I’ve often wondered this myself. I have a lot of graphics I’d like to add to them.


Pocky does. Jezebel and shiva do also, just with some… additions lol. Those two are the adult ones. But Jez and ShivaBOT are also the glitchy ones.


Pretty sure Carol is done by the Line library admins - Lizzy, Bam, Boing.


My friend made a shiva bot not sure of the others


Is the Line library still a thing? I thought it would go away when the Discord library was announced.


I assume it is. I left it a long time ago.


I believe the Caol and Jezabel are being maintained by @Sage now, who is secretly my hero


I learned so much about you from just two autocorrects. :rofl::rofl:


Lmao! My heavens


I’m not maintaining the bots, I simply stepped in to help make the time sheets now that nino retired. Lizzy (also retired) maintains the bots. I’m just here to help the community.


Carol bot is a bot that does not have the random insults, roasts, 8ball, etc, im not sure about pocky but carol bot is for a more serious chat.


My bad then, didn’t think there was much to maintain outside of the time sheet updating


Idk what there is to maintain, I just don’t want to take credit for more than I do.


I think when you hit the commands at the bottom it will tell you how to contact the maker or who the maker is. If that doesn’t work add them as a friend and go to their home page it should say there? Then again could be 100% off on all that ^^


Im still not entirely sure you aren’t just an almost perfectly programmed bot.

You’re just too good and helpful
Only who programmed you?


Aw, thank you! I do try to be helpful

Obviously someone with a twisted sense of humor :wink: