Who lost candles transferring?


I have enough candles for ascendable garrett, but I also want to move regions asap. I am concerned about losing candles doing so. So has anyone lost their candle count moving & has it been fixed since?


I just transferred and mine are gone.


They take a few days to show up on the leaderboards after transferring but you shouldn’t actually lose them from museum inventory. Screenshot it before transferring


I know its like 72hrs after transferring before they show up. Just curious if someone totally lost them after that time period and if it has been fixed yet or if they are screwed. I have everything screenshotted, lol i do not trust scopely.


Make screenshots before you leave


I took screenshots of everything I thought they’d screw me on


Not sure if I lost candles, but I def lost the whips or whatever they are for the gear museum event


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