Who looks the goofiest (any tier welcome)


6* richard tier 2 looks just plain goofy and his t3 preveiw from what i see looks even goofier
Anyone got a contender for him


Six star Lee. Every tier is crap


Barkers even more plain than lee frlm what i seen


I mean, pretty sure shivas beat this. One has a f*ckin tattoo and a studded spiky collar, and one is a bloody Christmas tree


5* michonne

Need I say more… she looks like this from t1-t3


Maxed X-mas Shiva FTW. I don’t have her to post a screenshot though.


That katana cliping though her hair… Yuck


Agreed :joy:


I contend your Xmas theme


Idk I wouldnt really say that outfit is goofy per say, better than some of the more recent characters


She’s definitely on the top 10 list for funniest


In her premier toon pic when she’s on sale, she looks like she’s missing a few teeth.


I mean, theres always the times that scopely shows how hip and cool they are…


Character forgot the name but she looks like mitchel with a skirt on


Jessie? Olivia 4*? Shane 6*?


T1 she doesn’t have armor





Carl looks pretty bloated here, and the gas mask over his face seems totally out of place. It just doesn’t go with the outfit.

Sex dungeon tyreese is an abomination at all tiers. Jesus Christ, how did anybody think this was a good idea? It doesn’t even feel like tyreese at this point.

It’s like scopely convenes and decided to make the coolest character design in the game a horrendous opposite of what it once was. We don’t want colorful hipster wanderer, we want dark, brooding, covered up and mysterious wanderer.

Why wear fifty pounds of armor if you’re not going to cover your stomach or face? She just looks like she has no idea how dressing for combat works.

Duane is not a british orphan boy. Stop trying to make him look like one.

Why wear heavy fur lined boots and a fur coat if you’re going to not wear any pants? This one also totally goes against michonne’s dress style.

The maxed out looks even worse. This Negan looks like what people in the early 2000s thought people in 2020 would dress like.

Rosita is not a cowgirl. Moving on.

It’s the apocalypse. Nobody had time to dress up like they’re doing a cosplay YouTube channel.

This is the most annoying mashup of a crappy white-red color scheme and random spikes I’ve ever seen.

They literally copy-pasted prestige Negan. Tier 3 something to fear Negan is tier 2 prestige Negan. What’s worse is that while prestige Negan looks like Negan in prison after he shaves, this Negan looks NOTHING like the badass we meet in something to fear. Why wouldn’t a free man wear shoes?


I always found Beer-Belly Dwight particularlly amusing.



Her newer versions look so much better idk what happened here