Who is your most useful 4 Star?

Just did a complete start to finish run through the Prayer beads, using a team that I have named “the Walker Hunters” A team that I set up months ago, their lead is Red 4 star Kelly, she comes with a +36 crit lead skill, and I fitted her out with a crit mod, and I gave her a +30 crit weapon, I use her a heap on Survival road too.

Do you guys have a Fav 4 star that still gets some love?


Kelly, Red Denise, Blue Jesus, Pocky, Axel, Valerie, red Mark, green Maggie, Red Maggie,
they’re a lot of actually reall good ones

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Zacharie, Chad and Dominic

Strong Axel with his 3 turn stun and guardian. He’s a beast for faction assault

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These have been my most useful 4 stars that I’ve had in my teams way back when. I still use Denise on my walker team for the ranged guardian shield. Molly also still proves to be super useful in SR as well. Chuck is great for the leader skill and also that rush :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: …Joey still has one of the most unique rushes I know in the game, especially for a 4 star. Lastly, Carl is basically a ranged Chuck.

Yellow mariana… Nuetralize, rush stuns 2 and gives them -40% defense and also gives a teammate 20% ap… I use her and win against s10 teams with an absolute defense weapon

I used Joey forever in the 5 star era.


Yellow Mark. He does 3 turn taunt to 1 person and has retribution.

She’s still the leader of my red crit walker team for SR.

I still don’t have a +36 five or six star.

I don’t think theres a 36 crit lead for reds in 5 star or 6 stars, i know for sure there’s no 6 stars w/ it.

López .

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Oh yeah. There’s none for 6 stars though.

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If I had to break it down on one:

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4* strong Exel is a ‘’ Beast for Faction asssult … i mean Really!! are you kidding me.

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Luke is Good for crits .


Oh yeah Luke on Survival road, great for those Green only walker maps, I also had forgotten about Faction assault, that’s when 4 star Estella gets broken out.

Never had that Carl and i have every other Carl in the collection

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Sometimes i still use kelly.

Don’t know about love but I’ve started playing about with these 2 ones.

still a little hit and miss as Im now wasting mods just trying the bleed.

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