Who is your favorite toon


Carl is mine favorite im going to ascend him soon


Did you get him from that $5 offer?


Yea i was trying to pull him but never got him so i took the chance and bought him


Red Glenn…


Princess thought she was poor but she is beast and looks cool.


Pre-nerf/adjusted Blue Mich was my fav toon… She was a Mac truck with long brown hair back then.

Second to that, Evasion red Gov.


Guardian 2 Hershel.


mine has to be Lydia then Erika, my little defence team doesn’t do too bad but need a good rainbow lead so bad

Good tips for my defence

f*cking lydia and koa duo, I’m missing Jesus shield in your team


Sr zeke…when i had to put him on the bench i felt gutted lol


Wish I had him, I sometimes put Erika lead take out kal and put konrad in just need to research stun for him


This big boi


Heh. 5* Andrea, which should be pretty obvious.


Oof and I have to walk around with this shit team…


Eleanor. The best 4*, who should have been a 5*. She’d have been an exceptional legendary I’m sure.


i got my carl from prestige :smiley:


I guess nearly everyone knows by now, who’s my Number One:

But to make intresting I choose one 4* and 5* If every trait, who’s in my Roster:


It has to be my be my boy Rick.

Pretty good in the comics, but I prefer the Governor or Negan just because they had a decent storyline.


My favourite has to be retribution red dwight 325 damage to two and revives two back in the 5 star days absolute beast


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